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Welcome to Dee Aitch Photography, where the art of capturing the world through the lens is masterfully crafted by Dee Holt. Based in Northern England, Dee is a Fine Art, Environmental, and Surf Photographer with a unique approach that blends digital and analogue mediums. Driven by a practice-as-research methodology, Dee’s work explores and experiments with photographic techniques to create thought-provoking and impactful images.
Dee brings a wealth of experience to the field, having taught photography to adult learners, A-level students, and undergraduates at a local college. Their passion for photography is matched by a dedication to sharing knowledge, helping others master the art of bending light and capturing both action shots and more experimental techniques such as pinhole photography.
Specializing in Environmental and Fine Art Photography, Dee uses their scientific background to delve into environmental issues, highlighting them through powerful imagery. Dee’s work often incorporates elements from the locations they photograph, especially in analogue photography, where mixed media practices are integrated into the development, printing, and exhibition processes.
At Dee Aitch Photography, every photograph tells a story, sparking conversation and driving activism through visual art. Join Dee on this creative journey and discover the world with and without different lens.

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