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Dee Aitch Photography is run by Dee Holt a Fine Art, Environmental and Surf Photography who is based in Northern England. Holt works in both Digital and Analogue medium and is driven by a practise as research. Holt also works within Photographic education teaching adult education classes and A level students at a local college. They are passionate about sharing their photographic and camera craft knowledge with others so they too can bend light and capture the moment be it an action shot, 

Dee also works in experimental photography where they use their previous experience as a scientist to explore environmental issues and how these can be highlight through imagery. They use experimental processes including mixed media practises and installation practices more often found in Fine Art . Dee's work often incorporates elements of the location in to their work  and an advantage of analogue photography and mixed media practises is that this can be included into the development and print processes, as well as the exhibition practice. 

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Artist Statement

Diane Holt is a photographic practitioner who involves experimental practices throughout their work. Working in digital and analogue formats, Holt pushes the limits of these to create visually stimulating images.  Holt’s work incorporates the environments such as Yorkshire’s coastline. The recent theme demonstrates a passage of time and resilience through the erosion of man-made and natural landscapes.
Holt appreciates the materiality of a photographic images, and their practice explores print processes beyond traditional hanging images on gallery walls. Inspired by the philosopher Jean-François Lyotard, Holt has experimented with non-traditional printing which goes beyond the tradition of merely hanging images on gallery walls.  Utilising installation concepts Holt has incorporated materiality into their exhibition work that can be handled by the audience.  Holt's Erosion exhibition incorporated transparencies  bringing sensory stimulation through touch for their audience creating engagement with the subject of disappearing coastlines in a non-traditional presentation.

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